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Spanish Travel Videos

40 full Spanish-learning travel videos through Madrid, Granada, Barcelona and Bilbao. Never get lost and follow along with Spanish subtitles as we visit:

Spanish Grammar Lessons

40 grammar videos that teach you the backbone of Spanish. Learn how to speak in present, past and future tenses… and we even dedicate 10 full lessons to learning past tense

Spanish Podcasts

40 podcasts with native speakers giving you bite-sized conversations using day-to-day Spanish, with word-for-word transcripts so you can train your ear to follow at a natural speed

Spanish Worksheets

40 “tarea” sheets that will help you master all the new grammar and vocabulary so you start thinking, speaking, and even dreaming in Spanish


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" I loved learning with Happy Hour Spanish, it is such a good format, and I really enjoyed the themes of travel and Spanish culture.” ​
Donovan N.​
San Antonio, TX​
"lt really works! After a few listens through of each video I can really start to hear the words and get the meaning. The transcriptions are great as it helps me check up new words and see the tenses.”
Angela L.​
Los Angeles, CA