Online Happy Hour Spanish Meetup

Online Happy Hour Spanish Meetup

It’s time to SPEAK Spanish with real people!


Beginners: 8am (PST) = 11am (EST) = 5pm (CET)
Intermediate / Advanced: 9am (PST) = 12pm (EST) = 6pm (CET)



✔︎ 50-minute session
✔︎ Beginner or Intermediate/Advanced
✔︎ Hosted by Professora Maider (Spain)

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$15 Fifteen Minute Session (1)

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The one thing no online course can teach you is how to speak. Until now! Get real speaking practice.


One of the best parts is you'll be able to meet other students just like you and get to know more about them.


Each Happy Hour session will be structured with some additional learning material you can practice in real time


You'll have a native speaker there with you to answer your Spanish questions

Frequently asked questions

Each Happy Hour is 50 minutes in duration and we will be using the Zoom application.  The link will be provided prior to your Happy Hour.  Your host will be Maider, a native Spanish speaker and the chat will be structured. We’ll encourage everyone to speak, meet each other and practice speaking Spanish. This is the time to use what you’ve learned to actually SPEAK Spanish, which is something you can’t get without other people.

Well, yes 🙂 Drinks of course are optional, but they are encouraged. Speaking a different language is uncomfortable and sometimes alcohol can help loosen your tongue.   We want to keep the event casual, like a real happy hour, where you’re getting to know each other and chat, but we’ll provide you with structure to get you speaking.

Yes, we have created two different slots depending on your Spanish level: Beginner and Intermediate (and beyond). We recommend the beginner level for people who are not yet significantly conversational in Spanish.  Intermediate and beyond sessions are for people who have some comfort level of speaking, as well as advanced speakers. You can choose which ever level works for you. If the beginner level is too low, you can switch to the intermediate, and visa versa.

We’re just getting started so we’re only doing a Thursday meeting. We expect to be able to offer more time options in the near future.  Please check the day of the week and times listed above before purchasing, to ensure you can make one or some of the current time slots available. You can use your purchase for a future meetup if there is availability.  We ask if you are going to cancellations please do so 24 hours in advance so we can plan accordingly.