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Designed by an actual teacher and student who learned Spanish the immersion way:

Spanish Travel Videos

The right kind of practice you need -hearing real Spanish at real speeds – as you travel through Spain in cities including Madrid, Granada, Barcelona and Bilbao. 40 full Spanish-learning videos with Spanish subtitles mean you’ll start traveling like a Spanish-speaker!

Spanish Grammar Lessons

To learn Spanish fast, you need to learn some grammar rules. But not that many. We have to drill down to just the essential 40 most important  grammar lessons you need to know for full conversational fluency. These animated videos teach you not only visually, but in Spanish as well!

Spanish Podcasts

These 40 podcasts with native speakers give you just the right bite-sized conversation training for day-to-day Spanish use. Ear training is essential, so when you ask someone a question on the street, you’ll actually be able to understand the answer! 

Spanish Worksheets

For those who learn well with the pen-to-paper method, we’ve got 40 “tarea” sheets that will help you master all the new grammar and vocabulary, so you start thinking, speaking, and even dreaming in Spanish.

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This is unlike any Spanish course you’ve taken before, because you can’t learn it by endlessly “leveling up” with free apps.  You need REAL Spanish at REAL speeds and fundamental grammar for conversational fluency.

$96 Yearly Membership ($8 / month)

**   Get 3 months FREE   **
Now just $72 Yearly Membership ($6 / month)

" I loved learning with Happy Hour Spanish, it is such a good format, and I really enjoyed the themes of travel and Spanish culture.” ​
Donovan N.​
San Antonio, TX​
"lt really works! After a few listens through of each video I can really start to hear the words and get the meaning. The transcriptions are great as it helps me check up new words and see the tenses.”
Angela L.​
Los Angeles, CA